Home training, dream figure traps and the highest mountain in Africa – with Lea Schreiner

“The fastest way to the dream figure is not always the best way.”
Lea Schreiner, German Master in powerlifting

That was quick. Lea Schreiner is back! The four-time German powerlifting champion is currently in the same boat as all of us – and is allowed to train within her own four walls.

This episode is about how to stay tuned in adverse conditions, why the journey is often the goal, common mistakes in training and losing weight and the magic of small steps.

Mind journeys are allowed, so we take you on an adventure to the highest peak in Africa, to the fitness studios in South America and Asia and how you can stay fit no matter where you are.

Further topics are:

  • how to become (or wife) a German master,
  • why heavy weights are also a question of aids,
  • how you use the magic of small steps to to stay on the ball now,
  • common mistakes in strength training,
  • why the fastest way to the dream figure is usually not the best
  • and much more …

Part 1: The strongest woman in Germany – with Lea Schreiner (# 278)

If you haven’t heard the last episode with Lea Schreiner, you should definitely do so. There you will find out:

  • What is it like to train as a woman in a male-dominated sport,
  • what is powerlifting and what are the advantages of training,
  • why there should be more strong women,
  • which form of nutrition makes you slim and strong,
  • how to regenerate properly
  • and much more …

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Part 2: Show notes of this episode

Kraftdreikampf Lea Schreiner Mark Maslow


  • This has happened since the last episode. [03:35]
  • What was different at this German championship than usual? [04:10]
  • Are there certain things that you have to pay attention to with “Equipped-Powerlifting” if you can bend almost 100kg more than usual? [05:10]
  • How do you deal mentally with failed attempts in order to stay focused on the next attempt? [07:20]
  • What do you do to regenerate as quickly and well as possible between your attempts? [08:50]
  • Corona crisis: The studios are closed – how do you deal with it? How do you train [11:13]
  • What equipment do you use for your home training? [12:42]
  • What made you decide to climb Kilimanjaro? [17:02]
  • How was the ascent for you? [19:57]
  • What was your biggest challenge on the ascent? [20:32]
  • Keyword altitude sickness: How did you cope with altitude? [21:50]
  • “Can we go back down?” – How did you feel when you reached the top? [25:15]
  • Insider tip: The quickest way to a defined and strong body. [31:28]
  • Even more secret tip: The best way to a defined and strong body. [32:23]
  • What are the most common mistakes in weight training? [33:00]
  • Is there any bad advice about strength training? What would they be and how do you avoid them? [35:55]
  • Better than the gym – what makes training in a club? [37:00]
  • Which trends are currently developing in weight training? [37:58]
  • Do you have a favorite book and what about it impresses you? [42:00]
  • What excites you when you don’t do any sport? [43:20]
  • Which places should you definitely go to? [45:10]
  • Do you train when you are traveling? How you do that? [49:40]
  • Subject nutrition: How do you eat when you are traveling? [52:42]
  • What do you absolutely want to do again in your life? [54:05]
  • This is how you can be coached by Lea. [55:25]

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