Losing Weight for Hopeless Cases: Hardcore Tips From Dr. Iris Zachenhofer

“The more often you implement new behaviors, the easier it becomes.”
Dr. Iris Zachenhofer

Losing weight for hopeless cases: addiction doctor Dr. Iris Zachenhofer knows what works when nothing else works. In this episode, she gives specific practical tips.

She was a neurosurgeon at the Vienna University Clinic and at the Neurosurgery Feldkirch (Vorarlberg). Today, as a psychiatrist at the Baumgartner Höhe social medicine center in Vienna, she helps people get rid of drug and other addictions.

In this episode you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Cookies vs. Coke: How food can be addictive.
  • Which foods are addicting (and which are not)
  • How you can recognize a food addiction – and how you can get rid of it
  • Hardcore -Tactics from the clinic: What works if nothing else works.
  • and so much more …

Have fun listening!

Lose weight for hopeless cases – with Dr. Iris Zachenhofer

Books by Dr. Iris Zachenhofer

Abnehmen für hoffnungslose Fälle - Iris Zachenhofer
  • “Losing weight for hopeless cases: Hardcore tips from addiction medicine” – Dr. Iris Zachenhofer, Dr. Shird Schindler (at Amazon)


  • A healthy, anti-craving breakfast that tastes like chocolate pudding? [05:40]
  • What is Dr. Iris Zachenhofer at work? [07:26]
  • Why diets rarely work (especially not when it comes to addictive behavior). [08:22]
  • Can cookies really work like cocaine? [09:40]
  • From the clinical practice of an addiction doctor [10:48]
  • How would someone know that they are addicted? [13:07]
  • Which foods have the highest potential for addiction? [16:21]
  • What are cravings – and how do you recognize them? [21:16]
  • How to protect yourself from losing control while eating. [25:00]
  • How does uncontrolled eating behavior arise – and what simple solutions are there? (Soft-Skills) [28:50]
  • How hard skills help when nothing else helps [31:10]
  • Why long-term behavior change when eating is an endurance run and not one Sprint [35:02]
  • Why relapses are normal – and how do you deal with them [37:50]
  • How does satiety actually work? [41:00]
  • Why fitness channels on Instagram & Co. sometimes motivate – but are sometimes counterproductive [44:28]
  • How our subconscious controls our eating behavior – and how you change it. [49:35]
  • Review: What news is there from weight loss and addiction research? [57:07]
  • How long does it take to finally overcome binge eating? [59:49]
  • Do we have to go without “addictive” foods forever? [01:00:40]
  • The ultimate final word [01:06:55]

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