Rabea Kieß on hormonal fat burners, weight loss, stress and coping with menopause

“Women who are healthy youngsters have better cards through menopause.”
Rabea Kieß

Rabea Kieß is a sports scientist, personal trainer, hormone coach, wife and full-time mother of two children.

It supports women in bringing their hormones back into balance in a natural way so that they feel good in their own body again and can master their daily challenges with energy, creativity and ease.

Hormones influence the female body in a variety of ways: They can accelerate or slow down fat loss, lower appetite or cause cravings, and increase or decrease performance. You can control many influencing factors yourself – through your training, your diet and your lifestyle.

Men, watch out! Many of the mechanisms discussed also affect you. It’s definitely worth listening to.

These are the topics, including:

  • What are hormones and why do you need them?
  • Which environmental factors bring the hormonal balance out of balance.
  • Why chronic stress makes you fat (and what works against it).
  • What you can actually do to find your individual optimum.
  • How women can master menopause calmly and fit.
  • And much more …

Show notes: Interview with Rabea Kieß

Rabea Kieß über hormonelle Fatburner, Abnehmbremsen, Stress und das Meistern der Wechseljahre (#292)

Show notes

  • Start of the interview [03:07]
  • How do you start the day? [03:15]
  • When do you have breakfast and what is there? [04:05]
  • How do you become a hormone coach? [05:35]
  • What are hormones actually? [09:20]
  • What is the difference between men and women when it comes to hormones and why is it more important in women? [10:48]
  • Which hormone fluctuations are normal and what can you improve? [13:22]
  • What do you recommend to avoid environmental hormone influences? [17:48]
  • Do you do without plastic completely? [21:22]
  • What other typical factors have hormone-active effects? [23:15]
  • How stress affects your hormonal balance in an unhealthy way. [27:15]
  • How do you know that your body is at a high stress level that affects your hormones? [30:45]
  • How can you lower your stress level in everyday life and sports? [40:40]
  • What is menopause and what happens there? [49:22]
  • Which symptoms indicate menopause and what happens in the body? [51:37]
  • This is how you can make your hormonal balance happy with exercise. [57:27]
  • Can you build muscle or burn fat during menopause? [59:57]
  • Is low body fat unhealthy for women going through menopause? [01:01:48]
  • Do you have routines or habits that help you in life? [01:05:02]
  • Do you have any role models? [01:06:52]
  • What would you like to change about yourself if you could? [01:07:07]
  • Are there any books that you would recommend to anyone? [01:07:55]
  • Where can you get more from Rabea. [01:09:10]
  • What other message do you have for the audience? [01:11:50]

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